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Types of visas

A visa can be issued for a single travel (entry) or for multiple travels. A visa cannot be issued for a group of persons. The Moldovan diplomatic and consular missions abroad issue the following types of visas, depending on the purpose of stay:

Type „A” Visa (airport transit visa) - allows the foreign citizen to transit the international zone of an airport of the Republic of Moldova, without entering the territory of state, at a stopover or a transfer between two sections of an international flight. Airport transit visa is a mandatory requirement for the nationals of the countries whose citizens need a visa to entry the Republic of Moldova.

Type “B” Visa (transit visa) – – is issued, upon the request of a foreigner who pass the territory of the Republic of Moldova on his way to a third state, for the same validity period as of the visa to the destination state and, as appropriate, it will not exceed one year. A person in transit status is allowed to remain in the Republic of Moldova for a period of up to 5 days per one transit. Transit visas could be with one or multiple entries.

Type “C” Visa (short stay visa) – is issued for a fixed period of time, with one or multiple entries, with a period of stay not exceeding 90 days during 6 months from the date of first entry. Short stay visa is issued for the following purposes:

Type “D” Visa (long stay visa) – is issued for a period not exceeding 12 months, with one or multiple entries, for a stay up to 90 days during six months from the first entry into the country that allows the foreigner to submit the request for a residence permit. This type of visa is issued for next purposes: entrepreneurship activities, work, studies, family reunion, humanitarian and religious activities, diplomatic and official activities, medical treatment.