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Issuance of passports

In accordance with the provisions of national legislation in force, bearing in mind the need to take the biometric data (finger prints, digital photo), application for a Moldovan passport will be done only IN PERSON at the Embassy of Moldova in Washington, DC.
No requests via mail will be considered.

The citizens of the Republic of Moldova staying abroad can be issued passports in the next cases:

  1. first time issuance of the identity document;
  2. change of personal data;
  3. expiration of validity of the identity document;
  4. loss, theft or deterioration of the identity document;
  5. acquired Moldovan citizenship;
  6. request for a second passport.

For the issuance of a passport, the applicant has to present, in original, the following documents, as appropriate:

  1. identity document for internal use, that you have in your possession (Valid Moldovan ID card or one of the following: Soviet type issued passport, residence permit, identity card for stateless person, refugee identity card, identity card for beneficiaries of humanitarian protection). Submitting the ID card for the issuance of a passport is not mandatory, if the applicant submit a declaration that it is not lost or stolen, under the condition that the ID card is valid; If the ID is expired, stolen or theft, it is mandatory to apply for a new ID simultaneously with the passport application
  2. passport of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova or the Soviet type issued passport for use abroad or, in case of loss, a relevant declaration will be signed;
  3. civil status certificates*, if applicable: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, certificate of first name/last name change, birth certificates for children aged under 16 years; death certificate of spouse. In case of repeated issuance of the ID card or passport to an adult, submitting the civil status certificates is not mandatory, if no changes occurred in the civil status and in his/her personal data (first name, last name, middle name, date and place of birth);
  4. extract from the marriage record (presented by persons who registered the divorce abroad and the respective state does not issue the certificate of divorce);
  5. opinion on the cancellation, correction and / or completion of civil status act;
  6. if available, the documents confirming the military evidence or, if applicable, the removal from military evidence: military service record, civil service record (alternative), recruit certificate, certificate issued, as appropriate, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Service for Information and Security, Boarder Guard Service, certificate on removal from the military evidence, issued by the administrative-military section of the territorial competence;
  7. document certifying blood type, only if the applicant has not previously held a Moldovan national ID card or passport;
  8. Money Order with the consular fee.

As well as the following documents, if it is the case:

For issuance of a passport for Moldovan citizens under the age of 18 years, the following documents will be submitted, as appropriate:

  1. national ID card of the minor, if aged 16 years;
  2. minor`s passport or declaration of its loss, theft or deterioration;
  3. minor`s birth certificate*;
  4. medical document certifying blood type, only if the minor applicant has not previously held a Moldovan national ID card or passport;
  5. national ID card or passport of his legal representative (parent);
  6. certificate of marriage or divorce of his/her parents, if applicable;
  7. consent of one of the parents regarding the issuance of the passport on the name of the minor child (consent has to be authenticated by the consular officer subject to a separate consular fee. In cases if the consent of both parents is submitted, there is no need to present the certificate of marriage or divorce*. If parents are divorced the court decision is presented* concerning the end of marriage. If the court has determined the place of residence of the minor with a parent, the application for the passport on the name of the minor child will be followed by submitting a declaration by that parent with his/her signature to be certified in the order mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The following documents, if applicable:

Application may be submitted simultaneously with that for the issuance of the national ID card.

* - Attention: Only civil status acts and court decisions issued by the Moldovan authorities will be accepted. All civil status acts issued by the authorities of a foreign state after August 17, 2001 have to be transcribed into the registers of civil status records of the Republic of Moldova. Acts issued prior to August 17, 2001 have to be presented along with their notary translation into Romanian and legalized with the Apostille stamp – for the USA or legalized by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa – for Canada, with the payment of a respective consular fee to the Embassy for supra legalization of the Canadian stamp of legalization. Court decisions concerning minors, issued by a foreign state, will be translated and legalized in the order listed above

When issuing passports for persons who due to physical reasons are not subject to fingerprinting (permanent or temporary) and children under 12 years of age the fingerprinting is not required.

Given the fact that your request is being sent by mail to the Republic of Moldova, where the passport will be issued and later sent to the Embassy, the period for obtaining it is 4 months.

Hoping that your visit to the U.S. capital will be a positive experience, the Embassy kindly recommends looking carefully into the list of documents required and reiterates that incomplete applications will not be accepted.

At the same time, if the visit to the Embassy is not possible, in order to return to Moldova, Moldovan citizens, stateless persons and foreign citizens permanently residing in the Republic of Moldova, may apply for the Travel document.