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National ID cards

Issuance of national ID cards

A national ID card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova can only be requested IN PERSON at the Embassy.

For the issuance of a national ID card, the applicant shall present in original the following documents:

Given the fact that your request is being sent by mail to the Republic of Moldova, where the ID card will be issued and later sent to the Embassy, the period for obtaining it is 4 months.

*Attention! Only civil status acts and court decisions issued by the Moldovan authorities will be accepted. All civil status acts issued by the authorities of a foreign state after August 17, 2001 have to be transcribed into the registers of civil status records of the Republic of Moldova. Acts issued prior to August 17, 2001 have to be presented along with their notary translation into Romanian and legalized with the Apostille stamp – for the USA or legalized by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa – for Canada, with the payment of a respective consular fee to the Embassy for supra legalization of the Canadian stamp of legalization. Court decisions concerning minors, issued by a foreign state, will be translated and legalized in the order listed above