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Embassy news

The remarkable appreciation of the Wine of Moldova at the event promoting the Moldovan wines and traditions during the celebration of Martisor organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Washington D.C.

On March 6, 2018, the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Washington, D.C., organized an event dedicated to the celebration of Mărţişor with the tasting of Moldovan wines and divines. The event took place in a very warm atmosphere with a presentation of the spring traditions.

The event was attended by US officials, representatives of the US Government and Congress, influential experts from the think tank community in the federal capital, representatives of important institutions such as USAID, OPIC MCC, which along with the Embassy team and Moldovan wine distributors in the US, celebrated the tradition of Mărţişor.

The program of the event included the offering of Martisor to all guests, the short presentation of the Charge d’affaires a.i., Mrs. Tatiana Solomon, of the history and tradition of Martisor, included by UNESCO in the Representative List of the Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity and video presentation of promotional spots about the Republic of Moldova.

It was particularly appreciated the support of the USAID for the sectoral reforms and the new possibilities created for Moldova to produce wines that are increasingly suited to various tastes around the world and to offer a wide variety of quality wines, with personality at the same time.

American officials have greatly appreciated traditional dishes and enjoyed tasting wines and divines such as Purcari, Chateau Vartely, Et Cetera and Kvint.