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Embassy news

Ambassador Aureliu Ciocoi, special guest at an off-the-record roundtable discussion on US-Moldova relations, hosted by the Atlantic Council in Washington D.C.

On October 5, 2017, Ambassador Aureliu Ciocoi attended a private welcoming breakfast discussion hosted by the Atlantic Council. The off-the-record roundtable discussion on US-Moldova relations, was moderated by the Vice President of the Atlantic Council, Damon Wilson, and one of the notorious experts in international relations, Ambassador John Herbst, Dinu Patriciu Center Director. The event also featured U.S. Department of State representatives, important non-governmental organizations and think-tanks in Washington DC.

The talks touched upon the entire spectrum of Moldovan-American relations, in particular topics relating to the Strategic Dialogue between the RM and the United States, focusing on the continuation of the high-level political dialogue with the US Administration. Ambassador Ciocoi briefed the audience on the progress regarding the implementation of justice sector reform, fighting corruption, central public administration reform, and strengthening the financial and banking sector.

The experts highlighted the importance of continuing to pursue the priorities set by the Moldovan authorities and continuing the reforms that will, in the long term, lead to the achievement of national development goals and citizens' welfare, but will also contribute to the prospects of boosting cooperation with the US.

Ambassador Aureliu Ciocoi thanked the participants for their active contribution to the development of relations between Moldova and the US in the context of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations. In particular, the Ambassador highlighted the Atlantic Council's active role over the past years in strengthening the Moldova - US relationship.