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Embassy news

USAID reiterates its support for the Republic of Moldova in promoting democratic reforms and sustainable economic development

Ambassador Aureliu Ciocoi and Gretchen Birkle, US Deputy Administrator for Europe and Eurasia, discussed on the 28th of September 2017 the current state of bilateral cooperation in the context of the achievements and deficiencies in the implementation of US Government projects and of international donors in our country.

Ambassador Ciocoi thanked for the US's consistent support to our country, and, drawing on national priorities, outlined the objectives of inter-institutional cooperation between the Embassy of the United States and the USAID Washington DC.

"Projects aimed at sustainable development and increasing competitiveness through education, development of human capital, creation of conditions for application and innovation, will lead to consolidation of democratic positions and structuring of a strong economy in the Republic of Moldova", said Mr. Ciocoi.

In turn, the US official reassured his country's support for democratic transformation in the Republic of Moldova.

"We work together for the same purposes, USAID's main goal is to strengthen the country's capacities and increase civic participation of citizens. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we will continue to help Moldova", said Mrs. Birkle.

Other topics covered during the discussions focused on increasing citizens' engagement in decision-making, increasing the transparency and accountability of the tax system, improving public administration at the central level and fighting corruption. Attention was also paid to improving regional competitiveness and business climate in the field of information and communication technologies, by establishing centers of excellence, innovation and business in the north and south of the country (Balti and Cahul).

At the same time, the two officials decided to undertake a series of actions to evaluate USAID's activity on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and through active dialogue, to present new proposals for efficient collaboration in the future.