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Embassy news

Ambassador Aureliu Ciocoi joined a panel of experts on the issue of Russian disinformation and propaganda, hosted by the Heritage Foundation

On October 3, 2017, Ambassador Aureliu Ciocoi participated as a special guest at the event dedicated to Russian disinformation and propaganda, hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. The event facilitated an exchange of views with US experts and officials from Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine on the challenges in the context of disinformation and propaganda at regional level, as well as on the perspectives of a response from the point of view of common interests with the United States.

During the event, keynote speakers outlined how the Russian TV channels broadcast propaganda messages and steadily manipulated public opinion, addressing sensitive issues exclusively from the perspective of Russia’s strategy to dislodge the countries along Russia’s borders as well as in Eastern and Central Europe from the European Union, create internal turmoil and smear the United State with a barrage of anti-American fake news.

Ambassador Ciocoi mentioned that the Republic of Moldova is vulnerable to media manipulation campaigns from outside, especially to certain informational programs provided by TV channels from the Russian Federation, the content of which has serious defamation towards the Republic of Moldova, but also to the development in the EU or the US. The Ambassador reviewed the importance of the draft law submitted on the agenda of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, aimed at securing the information space of the Republic of Moldova, an initiative with a priority aim to limit the retransmission of the news and informative - analytical broadcasts produced by the Russian media institutions.

In order to combat Russian propaganda, the Republic of Moldova could benefit, along with other countries, from financial assistance from the Russian Counter-Impact Fund (CRIF).