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Embassy news

Participation in the National Peace Corps Association`s National Day of Action

On the 2nd of March, the representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Washington D.C. participated in the National Peace Corps Association`s National Day of Action in the federal capital of the United States of America. The event consisted in the participation of 100 Peace Corps volunteers and representatives of foreign embassies accredited in Washington D.C. in about 150 meetings at the US Congress to support the promotion of the Peace Corps projects worldwide, as well as the development of international relations.

Moldovan diplomats attended meetings with Senator Susan M. Collins of Maine and representatives of other five lawmakers, during which they discussed the success of Peace Corps projects in Moldova, as part of the considerable multidimensional US assistance, as well as the prospects to continue the dynamic momentum of bilateral Moldovan-American relations, including in the context of the celebration of 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two states. On this occasion, given the spring holidays, the interlocutors received a traditional Moldovan symbol of the spring - Martsishor.

Peace Corps, which is at its 56th year of activity, currently counts 7,200 volunteers in 63 countries worldwide. Peace Corps programs were launched in 1993 in Moldova and since then our country hosted 1410 volunteers, who contributed to development of understanding, progress and peace. There are right now 105 Peace Corps volunteers in Moldova, partners for projects in areas such as health, community economic development and education.