Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
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Embassy news

Meeting of the DPM, Foreign Minister Iurie Leanca with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

On March 20 DPM, Foreign Minister Iurie Leanca had a meeting with the US Secretary of State, Ms. Hillary Clinton. "We have been following with great interest the positive changes that are occurring in Moldova, and I’m looking forward to having an in-depth discussion with him about ways that the United States can further deepen and strengthen our partnership to ensure that all Moldovans have the opportunity for the future that they deserve" mentioned Madam Secretary of State.

Minister Leanca expressed the Moldovan's Government gratitude fro the support offered by the American state and named the relations between two state the privileged one and very important for his state. Interlocutors has discussed a number of issues of common interest, specially eceonomic development, transnistrian conflict settlement and other issues related to the bilateral relations between two countries.