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Embassy news

Briefing on Moldova at Helsinki Commission

On January 31, Commission for Security and Cooperation in Europe of the US Congress (Helsinki Commission) organized a Briefing on Moldova "MOLDOVA: THE GROWING PAINS OF DEMOCRACY". The main purpose of the event was to tackle the recent evolutions, especially regarding the process of the Transnistrean conflict settlement, the current political situation in Moldova and the perspectives to graduate the Republic of Moldova from JVA. The Program included presentations by Ambassador Igor Munteanu, Matthew Rojansky, deputy director for Russia and Euroasia at the analitic center Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Ambassador William Hill, ex-OSCE chief in Moldova.

Ambassador Igor Munteanu made a presentation on the political regime, evolutions during the last 2 years, possibilities in order to release the political crises, etc. Other speakers mentioned about recent elections in Transnistria and expressed their hopes that the changes which are running now will lead to the solution of the most important issues and problems. The presentations were followed by the questions and answers panel during which were mentioned a large scale of issues such as transnistrean conflict sttlement, AJV, European aspirations of the RM, cooperation with the neighbour states and other.