Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
to the United States of America
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Embassy news

Medal of Honor to Elaine F. Marshall

On December 22, 2011, at the Embassy took place the Award Ceremony during which the Medal of Honor of the Republic of Moldova was transmitted to elaine F. Marshall, Secretary of State of the North Carolina. The high destinction was awarded to Ms. Marshall for her personal contribution and exclusive passion in the Republic of Moldova-North Carolina Partnership. The Partnership was launched in 1996, as an exchange of experience at military level and extended to a larger number of the domains of cooperation: university education, cultural exchanges, economic relations, public health care, charity and a lot of others. As a Chairman of the Bilateral Committee, Secretary of State has been personaly involved in a great number of activities in favour of the Republic of Moldova, including a huge support in order to graduate our country from the Jackson-Vanik amendment. The Ceremony was attended by the US ex-Ambassadors, representatives of the Department of State, the office of the NC Governor, friends and family of Ms. Marshall, members of the Moldovan community and other friends and supporters of Moldova.