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Embassy news

Meeting with Senator Richard Lugar

On December 20, 2011, the Ambassador of Moldova Igor Munteanu met with Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator Richard Lugar. Ambassador Munteanu thanked Senator Lugar for the consistent support of Moldova’s path towards strengthening democratic institutions and economic development.
The discussion focused on issues pertaining to the U.S. - Moldova bilateral partnership. Ambassador Munteanu emphasized Senator Lugar's particular contribution to elevate the crucial role of USA in the South Eastern European region, assessing as very promising the prospects for the enhanced cooperation on trade and security issues between our countries.
Ambassador expressed gratitude on two consecutive legislative reports released within the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during this year, in particular on the U.S. policy towards the situation in Transnistria and developments related to the non-proliferation programs in Moldova.
For his part, Senator Lugar thanked the Ambassador for his kind words and noted that based on Moldova’s significant progress and excellent records of the current democratic Moldovan government, in particular Moldova's efforts to become a regional leader in terms of implementation of democratic and economic reforms, serving as a good example for the neighboring countries, the country is on the right path to the European-Atlantic integration and better relations with the USA. Lugar said that the USA will support the Moldovan Government’s democratic development and the EU-integration aspirations. He re-confirmed that he will further play an active role in the US Congress to back the identification of a final solution to the Transnistrian conflict and to repeal the Jackson-Vanik Amendment for Moldova.
Ambassador Munteanu stated firmly that the United States is a major key - ally to Moldova. Ranking member Lugar said that he fully agrees with Ambassador and mentioned at the same time that Moldova remains an essential partner and ally of the U.S. Both sides concluded that it is the right time for advancing the Moldova - US cooperation.