Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
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Embassy news

Meeting of Ambassador Igor Munteanu with the group of judges from the Republic of Moldova

On October 20, 2011, Ambassador Igor Munteanu met a Moldovan group of judges participants at the Open World Program. During the meeting Ambassador informed the participants about the activity of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the United States, the main priorities in cooperation with the US, the key objectives of the Moldovan-American relations. The group informed about their activity in the Republic of Moldova, as well as about their expectations from the Program.

The group of judges will have a number of meetings and visits to various specialized institutions in Washington DC and after that they will leave for the state of North Carolina in order to establish meetings and contacts with their colleagues from the American state.

“Open World Leadership Center” Program is financially supported by the US Congress and the main scope is the exchange of experience and good practices between the specialists and professionals from different sectors from ex Soviet Union and their colleagues from the United States.