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Embassy news

Recognition Ceremony of the Moldovan Parliamentarians in the Parliament of Canada

On September 29th, 2011, upon the invitation of the Canadian Member of Parliament Mr. Corneliu CHISU, Moldovan Parliamentarians Mr. Veaceslav IONITA and Mr. Ion IONAS, accompanied by Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Canada H.E. Igor MUNTEANU, participated at the Recognition Ceremony that took place within the Questions-Replies Session of the Federal Parliament of Canada.

With this occassion, Mr. C. Chisu warmly welcomed the presence, for the first time, of the Parliamentarian group from the Republic of Moldova and traced the 20th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Moldova, 20 years of democracy and 20 years of progress. The Canadian Parliamentarians and the Cabinet Ministers, welcomed with applause the Republic's of Moldova delegation.

The video recording of Mr. Chisu's declaration can be veiewed at  http://cpcmedia.parl.gc.ca/20110929-QP/Corneliu%20Chisu/20110929-SO31-Corneliu%20Chisu.html