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Improving the Business Environment ar a Reform Strategy in Moldova

On Monday, September 26, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) hosted a discussion on Improving the Business Environment ar a Reform Strategy in Moldova. The Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Economy, Budget and Finance, Dr. Veaceslav Ionita, spoke about the actions undertaken by the Moldovan government in last two years in order to simplify the framework of the business regulations, communication with business sector and further plans of the Parliament in this issue. The discussion were initiated by the CIPE in order to evaluate the progresess made in Moldova for the elimination of the cartel understanding, of the burocrats limits and over-regulations which generate the lose of the private initiative. The participants were interested especially about the existent interaction between the business and executive force, the Republic of Moldova serving as a model for many countries from South Eastern Europe, but at the same time from arabic world, from a perspective to accelerate the internal reforms and governance through a pluralist coalition. In opinion of Mr. Ionita, the public pressure and the transparency in gorvernance represent the igredients of a succesfull reform.
Next days, the chairman will have a meeting with Mr. Anders Aslund, senior economist of the Peterson Institute in Washington DC, with the representatives of the american and international agencies where the concrete possibilities on cooperation with the Republic of Moldova will be discussed.