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Embassy news

U.S. Helsinki Commission briefing called "Prospects for Unfreezing Moldova’s Frozen Conflict"

A Briefing organized by the U.S. Helsinki Commission called "Prospects for Unfreezing Moldova’s Frozen Conflict" took place on June 14 in Washington DC.The event was attended by H.E. igor Munteanu, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the USA, Mr. Vlad Spinu, President of the Moldova Foundation in Washington, D.C., Mr. Vladimir Socor, Senior Fellow, Jamestown Foundation, Mr. Lyndon K. Allin, Corporate lawyer based in Washington, D.C. and 2008-2009 IREX US Embassy Policy Specialist in Chisinau and by other distinguished guests.
Ambassador Munteanu mentioned that Washington should give higher priority to resolving the separatist conflict in Transdniester in its relations with Moscow."It's not a part of the peripheral disputes. It's an element of the strategic engagement between Russia and transatlantic allies and I think this should be raised up and should receive wider dimension in the security dialogue" said Ambassador.