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Moldovan painter Vasile Mosanu

I consider my art as a language of visual communication with the audience. This visual language helps me express my inner world and includes real and abstract concepts, as well as decorative and geometric shapes.

My favorite technique is painting in oil on canvas. It fully corresponds to my visual language and has an enormous potential and plasticity. This technique is inexhaustible and allows depicting anything in various ways, from abstract concepts to realism, from miniatures to large murals.

I work with colors as if I were in a lab, revealing their unexpected quality, beauty, worth, and dignity. The main tools for evaluating the picture are my eyes and the oldest approach "like-dislike”. I trust my intuition. All humans have an innate sense of beauty. So does the artist.

In my works I invite the viewer to a dialogue. Many elements of a painting, such as the lines or the direction of energy or movement, go beyond the work and involve the viewer in the picture. Art without spectators is lifeless. The viewer himself becomes a part of my work and composition and has the key to the life of a painting.

My new style of painting is very good for representing this plane of reality in relation to more subtle planes, where the play of light is the fabric of the appearances. This style promotes a way of seeing in which we intuit, beyond the opaque and seemingly inert outward appearances of matter, an inner domain where light, dynamism and the play of radiant forces prevail.  Seeing through the solidity and density of creation's outer and formal appearance, perceiving all forms as the play of light, we become more conscious of the spirit in matter. We are thereby made more aware that the spiritual destiny of matter is to become a luminous manifestation of the Divine.