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Embassy news

Participation of H.E. Igor Munteanu, Ambassador, at the 5th Annual Symposium organized by Johns Hopkins University –Center of International Studies Nitze, on issue of human traffic

On November 2nd, 2010, Ambassador Igor Munteanu took part at the 5th Annual Symposium organized by Johns Hopkins University - Center of International Studies Nitze, with the issue of human traffic. H.E. Munteanu has presented detailed information on the actions and results achieved in the RM since the Government formation from 2009. Symposium represents an academic platform with the authority in the US, which monitor the situation on human traffic at a global level. This year, will be 10 years since the adoption of the Act on traffic victims’ protection in 2000 – a legal fundamental act, which regulates fighting and prevention of human traffic in the US. In his intervention, the Moldovan Ambassador has expressly underlined the political and moral relevance of the consequent actions for human traffic eradication, presenting clear and convincing examples on actions and commitments made by the Republic of Moldova in this domain. In his 10 minutes speech, H.E. Igor Munteanu has promoted the idea of the concrete results registered in last 11 months by the National Committee for Monitoring and Fighting against Human Traffic, mentioning that for the RM the cooperation with the international and local organisms dealing with the issue of fighting and effective prevention of human traffic, represents a priority on the political Agenda of the Moldovan Government. At the same time, Ambassador expressed his highly appreciations on the support received by the RM from the USA in this domain, especially emphasizing the cooperation of the Moldovan national authorities dealing with the human traffic issue with the Office of Ambassador CdeBaca within the US Department of State, the recent visit of which offered a new perspective in advancement of the RM in its path to honor its commitments.