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Consular News


The Embassy of Moldova to the USA informs on the new requirements for obtaining a Moldovan visa. According to the Government Decision nr. 332 from 05.05.2011 on the approval of minimum amount of means of support for foreigners in the Republic of Moldova, visa applicants must provide the proof of financial means for the period of stay in Moldova, of minimum 30 Euros/day or the equivalent in foreign currency, but not less than 300 Euros, in case of a stay shorter that 10 days, at the time of requesting the visa, when entering Moldova and when requesting the extention of the right of temporary or permanent stay in Moldova.

Also, according to the Government Decision nr. 331 from 05.05.2011 on the issuance of invitations for foreigners, the list of states whose citizens have to submit the invitation when requesting the visa, has been modified. Thereby, the citizens of Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Chile and others do not have to submit the invitation any more.