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Consular News

Requirements for marrying a Moldovan citizen

In order to conceive a marriage with a Moldovan citizen on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the foreign citizen is required to submit the following documents:

  • a valid passport
  • a document regarding the martial status of the fiancé(e)
  • birth certificate
  • a document proving the termination of a previous marriage, (certificate of divorce, death certificate, court decision about the cancellation of marriage, court decision about divorce – in case of countries where divorces are made by court decisions)
  • a document proving that the foreign citizen has the right to conceive a marriage according to the laws and regulations of the home country issued by the competent authority of that particular state. The impossibility of issuance of the mentioned document type shall be officially confirmed by the central authority of the respective state, responsible for the evidence and documentation of citizens and/or registration of marriages.

Please note that it is not required to present the certificate of criminal record.