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Renouncing of Moldovan citizenship

Moldovan nationals legally residing abroad may renounce the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova.

For this, they have to submit, in person, to the Embassy the following documents:

Parents that renounce the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova can apply for maintaining the Moldovan citizenship for their children.

In case if you want to renounce the citizenship together with your minor children (under age of 18 years) in addition to the above mentioned documents, the next will be attached:

Civil status acts (birth / marriage / divorce certificates), issued by the competent authorities of other states after August 17, 2001, has to be transcribed (see the section Civil status acts).

Documents issued in languages other than Romanian or Russian will be presented with a notarized translation into one of these languages.

*Note: All actions performed by the notary have to be translated into Romanian and legalized with Apostille stamp by the Secretary of State of the respective state.

The processing time of the application is approx. 1 year.

The Embassy is not responsible for losses or delays caused by the postal company!