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Dear Friends,

I wish to address you a welcoming note on behalf of the Embassy of Moldova in the United States of America, which I am representing as its Ambassador.

I would like to express my great satisfaction to exercise this extremely important mission in a time of important changes in the political, social, and economical life of our country, hoping that these transformations will lead to economic prosperity, political stability, and to a country governed by democratic principles. In the name of these principles I have accepted to represent the Republic of Moldova in the United States of America, and at the same time I wish to build, along with my colleagues, a credible, attractive and pertinent image of our country across the national borders.

I wish to assure you that from now I will work hard to make it possible that the key words that best describe the Embassy of Moldova in the United States of America are its openness and efficiency. I wish that, during my mission at the Embassy, we could succeed together to institutionalize an adequate setting of cooperation and solidarity among the communities that include Moldovan citizens, descendants of the territories that today represent the Republic of Moldova, as well as friends of our country who live in the United States. I believe this new image would elevate the visibility and the prestige of the carriers of the national culture, traditions, and art that is exclusive to our country.

I am firmly convinced that we will be successful in reaching this objective by joining the efforts of those who care about the present and the future of the Republic of Moldova. I want to believe that the strengthening of the Moldovan communities could create and enhance a favorable ambiance across the United States of America for those who identify themselves with the national ideas and values, with the national traditions and culture, in this way guaranteeing the comfort that is insured by the numerous other ethno-cultural communities from the US and Canada, that various times represents a second home, a spiritual community, a network of contacts useful in situations of crisis, indifferent of the state they live in at this moment.

We will make great efforts to modernize and to improve the actual system of consular services, and certainly we will not forget to improve the communication with the public. We will push forward for giving value to any innovative ideas and of good sense, which could positively reflect over the general situation of our country, revealing our gratitude for all those that wish to be part of this new setting. We will work hard to create solidarity for the national interests of our country, mobilizing all together to find adequate answers to the problems that our country and our people are confronting at this point in history and acknowledging that they deserve what the citizens of the integrated European Union had already obtained. We invite you to be with us at good and bad times, promising you that we will respond in the same way anytime you will need help, or when you are far away from your dear people and homeland.

Recently, the Embassy started off its mission with a new team and people who will represent our country in the USA and Canada. With their help we will try to create and implement numerous cultural, political and economical projects, which will lead to concrete results, common achievements in the benefit of our nation and country.

I am liable to appreciate the outcome of the technical personnel who created this new webpage for the Embassy. This institutional website will keep you systematically updated with the activities the Embassy of Moldova is offering you, the projects it is working on, the political and cultural events it will sponsor, and at the same time informing you about the news regarding our agenda in the USA, the up-to-date reality in the Republic of Moldova, along with the information of prime priority for the citizens of Moldova and of other states who are interested in our country. Moreover, in the future, the Embassy will post and other news connected with the relations of cooperation between the US and the Republic of Moldova as well as with the countries of the North and Central America where the Embassy has presented its credentials. Also on the website you can find information to deal with consular services, along with the useful links to the Moldovan authorities and other valuable information.

We kindly invite you to have a first look of the website hoping that you will find it useful for you and your friends. We would be more than happy to receive any kind of suggestions and proposals, which will fortify our certainty that we are indeed working in the service of our citizens. We are officially announcing the openness and the interest to receive any ideas of cooperation that you believe are useful and appropriate to the statute of a diplomatic delegation in this part of the world.

I wish you a lot of success, health and luck in the realization of your life projects.
Wish you all the Best,

Curriculum Vitae - Igor MUNTEANU

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador